Why aromatherapy? What can aromatherapy – which is the use of pure essential oils – do for you in your daily life?

An aromatherapist brings far more to the table than just a bottle of essential oil. They bring expert training, wisdom, intuition (yes, it’s real) and knowledge. For starters, the certification process requires knowledge of how the human body works so that (s)he can manage how each oil will react to your body and unique situation.

In your daily life essential oils can enhance your mood, uplift your spirit, address pain, itching and spasms (such as cough or digestive spasms); they can soothe a troubled mood, facilitate your spirituality, help you relax and support balance in every aspect of your system. With just a drop, spray, sniff or gentle massage, aromatherapy can change a stressful day into a calm and relaxed evening.

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No matter if you are in pain or discomfort we have custom massages suited to target specific areas of your body to release those strains and tensions, so please feel free to chat with us if you can't see the service that is suitable.

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