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Members who book & pay for six months (or six consecutive massages as a block in advance) will receive a VIP Member discount of 12%

VIP Members who refer a new client who books also books and pays ahead for a  six month package will receive a 25% VIP Member discount as a thank you for the referral.



  • You must pay for a minimum of six massages. These can be used at a rate of one a month for the six months or you may use them anytime within the six months how you wish but they must all be claimed before the end of the six month period (for example if you want two a month for three months).
  • If you refer a new client they must also pay and use their six massages within the 6 month period.

Simply select SIX of the type of massages you want on check out (or you can mix and match your massages) and use the coupon codes below.

(If six massages are not selected the coupon code will be removed and you will be charged at the regular rate).


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