Custom Massage Sessions

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At Life Enhancers Massage we know massage therapy has been proven to help quiet the mind, ease tension and relax muscles – creating an overall sense of wellbeing.  In many cases, massage can also provide immediate relief from both acute and chronic pain.  Regular users can benefit from even more pronounced cumulative effects, as well, so feel free to consult with us to discuss all the different services we offer.

Our talented team of therapists have a versatile array of modalities, allowing them to effectively customize each and every massage therapy treatment.  They will take the time to listen – identifying your concerns and needs – then work with you to devise a massage therapy program that’s perfect for you.

Custom massages


No matter if you are in pain or discomfort we have custom massages suited to target specific areas of your body to release those strains and tensions, so please feel free to chat with us if you can't see the service that is suitable.

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Simply go to our online calendar below, schedule your appointment on any of the available time slots - and we will send you your confirmation email. Then pick your required service and pay online and we will look forward to seeing you at your confirmed time. Please visit our contact us page if you have questions.


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