Weddings, Parties & Corporate Functions

Whether you are planning for a Bridal Party, Corporate Goodwill Spa Event, or other Group Event, Life Enhancers Massage will make sure we plan the perfect day!  Spa packages are fully customizable.


We work with many wedding parties where the special couple may want a massage before the big day or the bride may want to treat her wedding party entourage to a pampering session before make up and hair.

We are able to assist in all aspects of setting up these events to make it the most perfect day for you and your guests. We do ask that we have at least one month advance booking and prefer to discuss your requirements in detail so that we can make sure everything is perfect for you.

Please drop us a line or call us so that we can get some amazingly competitive prices together along with the perfect plan.

What better way to relax and have fun with friends and family than by planning a Spa Day.

The perfect way to build company morale, create unity within your team members and recognize your employees hard work, all why having the optimal relaxing spa day.

Or maybe you just want to get some old friends together and have a fantastic relaxing & refreshing pampering session before or after you hit the town.

Whatever you have going on we can help plan the perfect spa party.

Discuss your ideas with us and we will be happy to help.

spa party life enhancers

Whatever you are planning drop us a line or call us and we can help plan everything to perfection.

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